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On November 12, 2017, during the 20th edition of the Days of Orthodontics at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, I had the pleasure to meet Christine Boucomont-Leclerc, the speaker of the « Balance and performance in an orthodontic surgery » talk.

I immediately realized what is a tenacious evidence: that we, orthodontists, are so deeply into perfecting our technical skills that we too often forget to take care of our most sacred tool : ourselves.

However, this is where we draw on our resources .. Concretely, at the end of that talk, I had resolutions that became more than that: I was able to put them into practice! So precious! My only criticism: it was too short!!

Doctor SF

Qualified Specialist in DFO

I loved that conference. It made me want to organize a session at the office for my staff.

Doctor CL

Qualified Specialist in DFO

Practicing meditation on a regular basis can only do good! I’m astonished by the holding of the breath.

Doctor LB

Qualified Specialist in DFO

Congratulations, Christine, for your conference and the dynamism you put in your lecture… Now it’s time for me to make a good use of it.

Doctor GL

Qualified Specialist in DFO

It was a pleasure to listen to your enlightening and interactive conference. It made me want to go further.

Doctor OA

Qualified Specialist in DFO

Very didactic, very restful and relaxing. Thank you. I suggest you come back for longer sessions.

Doctor CG

Qualified Specialist in DFO

It was enlightening. I slept well and relaxed.

Doctor GA

Qualified Specialist in DFO