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Conference at the Days of Orthodontic congress

Conference on « Quality of life at work, become your own master» during the office safety session. Conference-workshop« Balance and Performance in an orthodontic office» from 9 am to 10.30 am, room 212-213. November 9th 2019 in Paris for the 22nd « Journées de...

Conference on WSLO

Conference on «Lingual and YOU » July 5th 2019, Barcelona (Spain) for WSLO (World Society of Lingual Orthodontic)

Conference on SFSO

Conference on « Stress and MSD prevention » June 27th 2019, Paris, for the “SFSO Démarche Qualité” (the French Union of Orthodontic Specialists Quality approach)

Lecture at the Days of Orthodontics

I will deliver a lecture on « Preventing burnouts and musculoskeletal disorders » on Sunday 11th at 12 in room 243 at the 21st edition of the Days of Orthodontics (November 9-12, 2018) during the session "How to secure your practice ?".I will also speak on Monday 12...

Conference on stress

I took part in the "Stress: or how to chase mammoths without losing your life" conference, organized by Sonia Lupien, head of the research center on human stress in Quebec, at the Montmorency College, in Laval Quebec.

Lecture for the DUOLE

On the 18th of May: lecture for the students of the DUOLE ( university diploma in lingual orthodontics) on "The input of sophrology on the practice of lingual orthodontics".

March 12: National napping day

The 12th of March is a noun day in America: it's the "National napping day". The occasion was ideal to learn more about power naps and their benefits on a daily basis. The goal of this energizing 2 to 7 minute break is not to fully sleep but to get quickly...

Conference on MSDs with the IMF

Training with the Inter Medical Training (IMF) at the Faloria hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy). For more information or to enroll in this training, visit the website of the IMF Paris.

Lecture at the Days of Orthodontics

On November 12, 2016 I gave a talk at the 20th edition of the Days of Orthodontics at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, on "Balance and performance in an orthodontic office ".

Laughter yoga certification

In April 2017, I received the certification as laughter yoga trainer from the French and international institute of laughter yoga and health-laugh.

Trainings at HEC Executive Education

Between 2008 and 2009, I enrolled in two programs at HEC Executive Education (Paris): « Improve your performance as a manager-coach » and «managing a profit center »